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  Coaching for resilient leaders and teachers


HLS has provided school coaching since 2009 with 100% success.


Coaching is a conversation with a finely trained professional, or team of professionals, gaining a greater understanding of the way the mind works and how to remain resilient. With a simple  understanding of our human psychology-state of mind, and of how our performance varies according to that state of mind. This understanding brings such clarity and ease to your classrooms and to your lives. Trust  me- I am a teacher too!

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In 2013-14 HLS (Anni) specifically coached using three simple principles. (

Anni worked with leadership teams; whole school staff; teaching assistants and some children. The Three Principles coaching is not something to remember to do or change- another addition to life's business. It is an understanding which informs the way we are. It brings great ease and clarity to every moment.


 Peer Coaching A Coach in Every School

A R C Amazing Resilient Children and Youth


This will be offered to schools in each term. It is a self-sustaining programme initiated by HLS Coaching. To begin it is 6 sessions of  coaching training for children and their class- based adults. The adults then continue the training and support with the youth. HLS will be on hand to support. This opportunity particularly benefits greaterresiliency and well being; reduced stress and anxiety; mood management;cognitive performance, all round well being and optimisum. ARC coaching vastly improves behaviour tolerance and respect- it increases learning capacity and the well being of children and youth. It is great for school and life values!


“All feelings derive and become alive, whether negative or positive, from the power of Thought

Syd Banks, the Three Principles