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Senior Leaders are leaders of the future and as such deserve the greatest professional development possible!


Our coaching intensives for the whole leadership team offer1:1 coaching sessions looking at aspirational professional performance; the psychology of innate well being and  through the Three fundamental principles of life and state of mind.


Coaching intensives are a minimum of two days and can accelerate leadership performance withtin very little time. This can be held within school or at an external venue. It is an ideal opportunity to create strategy, redirection and clarity of planning and envisioning from this time onwards.


Past leadership teams  have increased their leadership capacity and oriented their workforce to become collaborative; others have increased more than one Ofsted grade. Outcomes most certainly increase leadership impact across school


Leadership Coaching Impact Includes:


Understanding performance variables- of each other and of the school workforce

Higher level of understanding of your own performance variables

Increased staff performance through clarity and strategy

Managing change maintaining harmony

Accelerated school improvement across achievement and pupil progress

Solution focused problem solving

Resilience and joy in your profession


“All feelings derive and become alive, whether negative or positive, from the power of Thought”

Syd banks, founder of the Three Principles.







Deputy Heads

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