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HLS provides a coaching service bespoke to your school

and we are passionate about supporting your leadership of teaching and learning



The quality of teaching remains high on any leader's agenda, as experienced headteachers and school improvement coaches, we can support you in great depth. We work with many schools across the North of England and with two key diocesan authorities. Anni has a role as a SIP school improvement partner and Nigel as a section 48 inspector. Our associates include a lead inspector and NLG ( National Leader of Governance).


We understand outstanding lessons; learning enquiry;challenges to enrich higher order thinking. Inclusive practice is celebrated. We use an evidence based intake to research and challenge your curriculum delivery alongside your leaders. (See testimonials)


HLS provide resilience training for ALL staff, ours is a highly demanding profession and the key to remaining in tip top performance is knowing how to teach with grace and ease.


Key benefits

1.We provide a bespoke programme with continuous all year support.

2. We provide highly trained and experienced professional analysis.

3. We work with key staff within areas of need to challenge and support practice.

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